8 Rules for Designing a Successful Business Website!

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On the Internet the saying goes” if your business doesn’t have a website, your business doesn’t exist”.

So a “Website” is an integral part of any business – online or otherwise.

For your business website to be successful, keep these 8 rules in mind:

  1. Let your Website Design be simple and easily navigable.
    Website Designs are the first point of attracting your viewers. Having said that; your website has to be easily navigable and simple .
    Stuffing your website with heavy graphics, videos and music would make it cool, but would be huge mistake in a business environment.
    Viewers appreciate websites with lots of information that is well placed and is easily navigable.
    Oh! And don’t forget, your website should be responsive and be able to be viewed on any gadget – Laptop, Tablet or Mobile.
  2. Update your Web Presence Regularly
    Once your designed your website and have it up and running, the next step is to get your visitors to come and come more often. A “website update” plan is crucial for this.
    The information you provide should be easily understood and authentic. Only then it would be liked, shared and you would be perceived as an authority on them.
    Regular updates on your Social Media pages would also play a stellar role in promoting your website.
  3. Engage Your Online Visitors
    Visitors are the most important aspect for your Website. It is very important that you engage your visitors on your website.
    Keep your contents crisp, interesting and engaging.
    After the viewer has read the information on your website, then what?
    You should encourage your visitors to subscribe, share or like your information and also encourage them to give a feedback or ask a query.
    This would ensure that your website objectives are met effectively.
  4. Answer Website Queries Promptly
    Queries posted on your website by your visitors have to be taken on priority and answered promptly. This would tell them that you are serious and also ensure prospective customers do not slip out.
  5. Give your Visitors a Reason to Come Back
    “How can I get my visitors to visit again?”
    Visitors are curious by nature. If they find information on your website interesting and intriguing they would keep coming back.
    Discount sales, events and webinars are some methodologies tokeep your visitor to visit and share your website.
  6. Website should Educate and not Sell
    The cardinal mistake you can make on your website is “obvious” selling and at times, overselling. Your visitors wouldn’t mind a subtle sale tactics for they like to be pampered and be “led”.
    But obvious selling and that too very often can put your visitor off and he may not come back to your website. Instead have an educative tone for your contents and invite them to ask queries.
  7. Do Not over Optimise your Website
    Search Engine Optimisation is a methodology that your website can be optimised using keywords to ensure better ranking on search engines, particularly Google.
    But, even this has got its drawbacks. Pushing optimisation beyond a certain limit can result in your website getting bared from the search engines altogether.
  8. Remember that your Visitors are Humans
    Your viewers are in the end normal humans, who view your website as a means to seek knowledge on a particular subject. They may or may not understand your business jargons and definitely not the web jargons .
    Filling your website with jargons which your target audience wouldn’t understand is a sure way of losing them. Instead, keep the contents simple, effective and educative.

Websites provide information. The tone of your contents and the manner in they are arranged on the website, makes the difference.

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