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“Hey Bro, do you think blogging will help boost my search engine ranking?”

As I look on with amusement, he asks “Seriously!”

I nod a smile. Oooh, I simply love his excitement and enthusiasm.

“But how?” he continues.

In an internet crazed era, with countless Social Media set ups, there is a lot of opportunities to woo potential customers and also increase the search engine ranking.

If your business is not making use of them, then I daresay you are losing out!

Blogs are one of the medium for you to showcase your prowess in an online world. It kindles admiration and curiosity amongst your viewers, who would recoganise your authority on your business domain.

But the sad part is even though most businesses have a blog more than 80% of them are never updated, leaving the online marketing in a limbo.

With a properly updated blog you stand to gain on the opportunity to optimize your website for search engine, increase the ranking and indulge with your viewers.

How can you utilize your blog for better Search Engine Optimisation?

1. Create a Blog Editorial Calendar

It is important that your blogs have to be consistent. This helps your viewers to go live at the same time. For Search Engine engagement too it is important that your blog is consistent.

Come up with a strong “Blog Editorial Calendar” where you could decide when to publish your blog; either weekly or fortnightly at the minimum level. The calendar could also help decide on the topics which your editorial team can research on.

2. Create A Team of Writers and Editors

To have an interesting blog you need have interesting contents. For this you need to build an interesting team who can write or/and give ideas for writing. An editorial team can help editing in making the blog interesting for your viewers to visit again.

3. Do a proper keywords research for your blog.

Keywords are the heart and soul of any search engine optimization. A proper research to find the appropriate keywords and key phrase is essential.

Today, we have a lot of tools available that could be used with panache to hunt for the most appropriate keywords that is related to your blog.

4. Make use of the Keyword in your Blog Contents

Your headline, your blog contents, your meta tags should all have appropriate keywords. This would help impact the search engine spiders.

A word of caution here; don’t overstuff keywords in your blog confusing the spiders and inciting the Search Engine to bar you. With keywords; it is always less is more.

5. Allow your viewers to subscribe to your blog

You have optimized your blog, published it and submitted it to the Search Engines. Now your viewers would be looking at it.

Viewers and Search Engines look for fresh contents that are unique. These your can share with their friends.

It would be very helpful if you should place “subscription buttons” and “links” at high visibility area of your blog page and inviting your viewers to subscribe or click. And then every time you publish a blog it would notify the subscriber.

6. Utilise the power of Social Media

Link and Share your blogs on your social media pages. These also help your blog to attract a lot of traffic. There are lots of free and paid tools with the social media application that would help your blog get more exposure.

7. Analyse your Analytics.

Every action on the internet can be measured and analysed and improvised. If you want to improve the quality of your blog, you need to analyse the viewer traffic on it. The amount of time your viewer spends on your blog page etc. would form the basis of your analytics.

Installing Google Analytics would help to get information about who’s visiting your blog page and for how long.

Last Word

Blogs help bring traffic to your website. As much as a consistent, unique blog post is attractive to your viewers, so it is to the search engines who would ensure you are ranked higher.

To know more about how blogging would benefit your company, feel free to contact us. We would love to help!

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