Branding in the Digital Space with Conscientia Technology!

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Come on in!

This is our space and we offer Digital Branding.

Hey! We are different from your friendly, neighbourhood WDH (Web Design Houses). Because, we don’t design websites!
Yeah, you heard us correct!
We never designed websites, nor did we do Digital Marketing.
We are all about Branding you …. your business on the Digital Space!
And, hello it’s not for you… it was never for you!
It’s for YOUR customers!

So, when we are in discussion with you or we soliloquize your business, we discuss your viewers (who might eventually become your customers), your Digital Brand and its impact on the number of visitors – all with equal gusto.

And that’s what makes all the difference!

Conscientia Technology is a brand with an unusual business approach in Digital Brand Management. As the idiom goes, we don’t do different things; rather, we do things differently!


We cultivate a selfish, yet honest relation with our customers!


Yes, selfish! Every relationship has a selfishness attached and ours is no different!

To us our Customer is the brand. Their culture and their aspirations are our goal.

We collaborate for a great Digital Branding through innovative solutions and high yield web presence.

Our customer-relations strives to understand your customers and how you deal with them, their expectations and so on. We define your Online Objectives and put that before our service offerings!

This, to us, makes good sense!

Our services are tailored to meet your Digital Branding needs. But, to accomplish them we depend primarily on our team – we call them our “partners”. We are always focussed on our people. We invest, cajole, fight and sometime scream – but we would have a great solution for you.

At Conscientia Technology, we are a professional Digital Branding provider. Call Mr. Raghavendra Hegde on 9591529955 for any queries.

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