Does Your Business Benefit By Your Social Presence?

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“What role would Social Media play in Marketing my business?”

In a world obsessed with Internet, I find it rather strange that this question still find prominence amongst the business community!

How do you think the Internet has become so popular? The responsibility of the Internet being so popular solely rests on the popularity amassed by the Social Media.

And for this reason alone, no business can ignore the opportunity and the power of connecting with potential customers that the social media provides.

It’s EXCITING, least to say!

Before we start dabbling with the benefits of Social Media, let us understand just what Social Media is!

Unlike other common communication mediums, wherein the audiences sees, reads or listens [one way communication], Social Media ensures a two way communication [interactive], between the business and it’s audiences.

Social Media entices your business users to interact and “share” information that they find useful for themselves or for their associates.

These interactions can vary from a simple comment left on a blog or sharing your product’s recommendations to friends with similar interests.

Social Media is about conversing with your customers… digitally!

Now, how does your Business benefit with Social Media Presence or simply Social Presence?

Social Media focuses mainly on brand awareness and customer interactions. Social Media connects you to your customers and is not meant to hard sell.

Social Media connects you to your customers and is not meant to hard sell.

More the connection to your business’s social media, there is more scope in people conversing about your product or service, commenting, liking or sharing.

But how does it benefit?

  1. Brand recognition and exposure,
  2. Increased traffic to your website,
  3. Increased rank in web-based searches,
  4. New marketing leads, and of-course,
  5. Reduced marketing expenses.

Some popular Social Media websites where your business can benefit.

  1. Social Bookmarking. (, Blinklist, Simpy) Tag websites and search through websites bookmarked by other people.
  2. Social News. (Digg, Propeller, Reddit) Interactive voting for articles and comments
  3. Social Networking. (FaceBook, LinkedIn) add friends, customers, comment on profiles, join groups and have discussions.
  4. Social Photo and Video Sharing. (YouTube, Flickr) Share photographs or videos and comment.
  5. Wikis. (Wikipedia) Interact by adding articles and editing existing articles.

These are some of the popular social media websites for your business.

The Last Word!

In the hands of a professional, Social Media can be a potent tool. All it requires is the patience, the experience and eye to select the most appropriate Social Media to have a great presence.

As the world traverses deeper in the digital world, your social presence would evoke a lot of curiosity and popularity which would eventually ensure your business success.

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