How SSL Play Role in SEO Ranking!!!

“SSL Certificate? Why would my website need it?”

Being in the web industry for the past 17 years, I find that there are still people curious about it.

A SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate is the backbone of any secure website. It protects your contact details, payment details, card numbers from haters, hackers and similar types of “evil” people, who plague the internet.

SSL ensures that all information you put or handled on the internet stays private and secure.

Advantages of SSL!

1. Improves Customer Trust

If you are looking at creating a great user experience for your customers, it is essential that you provide security for all their information. This would instil confidence in your customers and help ensure a positive buying experience.

2. Provides Authentication

Information on your website, including customer information, is made sure that it goes to the correct server without being intercepted. That is why when getting a SSL certificate a server certificate is also issued which acts as a mediator between SSL servers and show that the SSL certificate provider can be trusted.

3. Guards Against Phishing

Phishing means to obtain financial or other confidential information from Internet users, typically by sending an email that looks as if it is from a legitimate organization, usually a financial institution, but contains a link to a fake website that replicates the real one.

Phishing is often disguised as advertisements and attempts to gather credit card information for malicious use. However, the people who build these fake sites will have a hard time obtaining an authentic SSL certificate. When customers don’t see the signs of security on a site, they’re more likely to navigate away without entering any information.

4. Information are Encrypted.

The main reason for an SSL certificate is to encrypt information so that it can only be read and understood by the intended parties. Information submitted on Internet forms often passes through more than one computer before reaching its final destination. SSL certificate inserts random characters into the original information, rendering it incomprehensible to anyone without the proper encryption key. If the information does somehow wind up in the wrong hands, it will be unreadable and therefore useless.

5. Important if Accepting Payments Online

Payment Gateway industry compliance ensures that all online businesses obtains an SSL certificate with the proper encryption of at least 128-bit. Without which, a site won’t be able to take online payments.

6. Google’s Stance

Effective July 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will mark non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’. After years of pushing for 'secure by default' web sites, Google will identify insecure sites in the Chrome browser. It will then mark all sites that have not migrated to HTTPS as “not secure.

It is critical that you use SSL on all websites that sends or receives sensitive information. SSL certificates help protect your customers, help protect you, and help you to gain your customer's trust and sell more For Best SSL Certificates Service.

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