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Website Maintenance

Designing your website is only a “first step” in the website development life cycle. The key to your website success is WEBSITE MAINTENANCE.

Website Maintenance is the single most, effective methodology to achieve your Website Objective.

Understanding Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance comprises of set of activities aimed at keeping the website –

  • Fresh Contents are added to the website at regular intervals
  • Up-to-date Contents are not old and are enhanced with the latest technology
  • Error free Broken links and non-functional applications are fixed

What we do:

  • Frequent updates of content
  • Test for Errors, Bad Links and other bugs
  • Adding New Pages
  • Strategic use of keywords, page descriptions, web page titles, meta tags and other similar elements
  • Blog Updates
  • Planning of Monthly Content Management activities
  • Analysis of site statistics and link popularity
  • Ensuring compliance with updated web standards
  • Submissions to search engines and reviews thereof
  • Redesign of your website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Video/photo Upload
  • Assistance in Photo/video Shoot
  • Domain & Hosting renewals
  • Web based Application development
  • Email Marketing

Our Website Maintenance Process

At Conscientia Technology, we commence our work you after you have signed up for our Maintenance contract

Your task requests are received as mail and entered into our CRM.

The task is understood, analysed and proposal is sent by our Customer Assistant (CA)

Once the Client approves the proposal, the task is completed by our Technical Executive

Completed task is then put on a test site and tested for errors, browser compatibility etc.

It is then sent to client for approval

Once the task is approved, the task is uploaded to the main site

The task is then billed

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